Got my tooth pulled…

Kelihatan nggak? Kayanya kurang jelas ya… Nanti deh di rumah foto lagi /:)) – at Puri Medical Center (PMC) Kembangan

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Changing Schedules


Not to defend myself or the team or anything but well, this is the project, we’re winging it and making things up as we go along. Improvisational schedules are part of that package. Yes it’s an indicator that things are happening that we had not anticipated. Because, “Here be dragons”, et cetera et cetera.

Doesn’t make things suck less, no not at all.

But damn I’m tired.

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profile at

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I’ve listed myself at under a pseudonym*. WARNING: Potentially too much information. Consider yourselves warned x))


I’ve grown tired of dating even before I began dating x’D I’ve been single all my life but there have been times when I’ve been mistaken for being a couple with a friend. I’ve grown close to some women but on significant occasions religion/belief has gotten in the way, and in those cases I don’t even dare take it beyond friendship. Some of those friendships are close though, and I cherish them…. Continue reading “profile at”

Leaving from December 4th to December 7th

The last time I was abroad, the last time I was physically outside the borders of the Republic of Indonesia, was over twenty three years ago. It just so happens I’m returning to the same country again, for four days, but I am most certain it will not be remotely close to the country I left.
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trying to remember who I was…

Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

I remember I hated “weird” chocolates when I was a little kid. I would spit out dark chocolate or chocolate filled with orange filling because they were ‘not’ chocolate. To me chocolate was milk-chocolate and everything else was not.

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F- it, Quit? Naah :))

So should I just say F- it and quit? :))

…naah; I know where I’m going, I know what I’m going through, and I know why I’m going through it.

Even if I can’t describe it to y’all in so many words…


[Originally a short Thought which I posted at my Path, which I have expanded below the fold.]
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