feels so ‘heavy’ to post on deviantART

Preparing artwork for deviantART feels so much ‘heavier’ and more involved, than simply posting to Pinterest or Instagram or something like that….

It’s like, you don’t post a doodle in deviantART… except in the WIP section or something. And even if you post something on dA you gotta prepare a text description about the motivations & ‘intellectual’ background of your Art…

Unless your art is textual/poetry and then you have to prepare… something else…

And dA is more… suited to static 2D art; even 3D arts are posted here as static renders. And nevermind movies or animated features. And what of music? Music is art too, no?

Should dA even be attempting this? To be a repository of all digital art? Not just static 2D digital art?

I mean even photographs of hand-crafted oil paintings do not necessarily translate well to the desktop/tablet/smartphone Web browser screen…. And music previews, etc.,…

Reposted from my deviantART Journal.


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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