I am not so conceited and full of myself that I consider myself a master writer or even plain competent blogger. But I do have a certain way of writing down words which I found pleasing to myself and I do not wish to lose this way of writing, not because this way of writing is what I make my money and/or living off of but because I wish to continue to be able to express my thoughts and feelings. Of which writing is one of my several, at least so far.

And no I am also of no illusion that anyone would ever want to read every single one of my disjointed, loosely connected series of words and sentences and paragraphs and be enamored and/or inspired by even one of these words or sentences or paragraphs but I do assert that this blog, this space, is my space and I have every right to flow-out whatever thoughts, phrases, feelings, or emotions in this space.

I do not wish appreciation; not as a core reward for any or all of my activities. I wish for the feeling, the joy, of being able to express the deepest of my deepest being onto a world so often cold and hostile and suspicious of any and all expressions.

I wish to think. [dump.]

Don’t pardon me. Don’t excuse me. Leave if you don’t like me. Leave me alone.


But you’re welcome to read if you want to, of course. ^^”


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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