New chapter at the office

New chapter at the office, kinda-sorta, but not too big a deal :) Maybe a bit nervous I am, but not earth-shattering nervous.

We’re not firing anyone of course not :)) But we are definitely consolidating our business processes to make them more effective.

We can all do this. Together. We all basically want the same thing: for our home to thrive. And with what we’ve got together yes we can do this.

We’re not creating new systems here, but rather we’re optimizing the systems we’ve already began to form together. We’ve got the general idea, and now we’re gonna figure out how everyone can run together, fast as possible, without stepping on each others’ toes.

Let’s just sail this through…


Author: Ferdi Zebua

For more info visit my blog, my Google+, or my Ello.

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