Will I Love My (Hypothetical) Wife..?

Will I love my wife when she’s no longer young our beautiful? Yes!! By God, yes.

…Will I ever have a wife? Now that! That is a harder question to answer XD
It’s like, I hate taking on responsibility I don’t need to take, which is one reason I don’t really want to start a family of my own. I don’t really want to get married. But mom wants grandchildren.

Sex? You don’t need to get married to get sex :)) In fact, arguably you can even say that you don’t really need sex either XD

No, a family is serious business. It involves at least two human lives. And even more if you’re in a communal culture. And that’s not even counting offsprings yet :))

This Earth already have enough human beings inhabiting it. We’ve filled the Earth to the brim. I don’t need to procreate.

I love my wife too much to burden her with an overgrown baby. I gotta grow up first.


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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