dream girl caricature

dream girl caricature [a pencil doodle]

“Pujaan hati”

“Pujaan hati? Ah nggak ah Bro :)) Just some girl that only exists in my mind”

“Dream girl”

“Ha! That works, yes :))”

My dream girl, she was inspired by a real girl. But then I fell in love with her. Or an idea of her. I began forming a myth around her in my dreams. Instead of finding out all about the Real her. Instead of talking, really talking to her. For fear, I avoided her instead of opening up to her and…

I turned her into a caricature. I can imagine why she would hate me.

Dream on, buddy… :)

:)) Yeah man, I hear you…


yeah… Dreaming’s nice ‘n all but I’d like to come down to earth every once in a while. Because while I’m up in the clouds I… I’m not there for her… Or for the people around me, on the ground, who need me to be present right here and right now.

But what am I really afraid of..?


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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