Life lessons from Saturday

1. Listen to Mom :)) For all the preparation you did all day yesterday you forgot the big one (fix the car tyres), and the big one was suggested by Mom from the morning. From two days ago in fact.

2. You can’t hurry love, yes but you can’t lollygag either. When you see an opening, go for it. Don’t hesitate.

3. Each person has a pace. Get a sense of the pace and match the pace best you can.

4. Can’t hurry love, no; the bigger theme is, don’t force love. On some things you don’t want to rush, on other things you want to move decisively without hesitation.

5. Relax. Jangan kebanyakan gaya :))

6. Focus on your life goal. It’s not so much the world is against you as it’s you’re dragging your foot; my biggest enemy right now is not the World but rather myself. My self-doubt and hesitations.

7. Believe that God’s plans are best :)) Trust Him; let him work your life. Listen to his cues. He has prepared your path, and still you gotta do your part too. You can plan all you want, and it’s a good idea to plan since it helps you anticipate & prepare, but God’s plan is always better. My plan, our human made plans, will always need adjustments in the middle of execution but God’s plan is bigger and more certain. Your plans are tactical; His are strategic.

8. Have fun :)) Live a little. Don’t be too serious all the time :))


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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