on the most dangerous idea

The most dangerous idea is not that there is a god or that there is not, but rather that I may kill you on whether you say one way or another…

Let me elaborate.

It is a popular saying among some in the more militant antitheist communities that a belief in a Supreme Being (or at least a dogmatic adherence to any particular religion) has been the cause of war and strife throughout history. Likewise there are some thoughts in the opposite theistic camp that says it is because people are godless (or that people have become arrogant due to thinking that humans are the Supreme Being) that people have started deadly & useless wars. I think these are the two assumptions that have lead both side to each think the other as inhumanely barbaric. What I would like to elaborate in this post is one viewpoint to challenge these two particular assumptions.

So last Friday night we were having this discussion at MyPost discussing why Indonesians seem to be somewhat prone to sectarian violence, some of which are (thought to be) religiously motivated.


[left as a draft for three years…]


Ehh, whatever. *hits publish*


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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