The Irony of “Keeping it Real”

Originally drafted as a Thought for Path

The irony of “keeping it real”; when you share your worries and troubles you’re chastised as being doom & gloom; but when you post motivational words to lift your own spirits up you’re accused of being an image manager or you’re trying to judge others for not being optimistic etc.

It’s all…

I don’t know. What am I telling? Who am I telling it to? Here in Path am I recording the moments of my life for myself, or am I posting on a wall to the detriment of those who have so kindly accepted you to tell them your story…

Fears of offending, but need for support…

Maybe Path really is good for nothing else except for being a closed-circle 9gag derivative.

Or maybe I really need to start over my Path account again, having painted myself into a corner of my own making.

Or maybe I just need a new computer desk, so that I can channel all this angst into new drawings, instead of boring you all with my nonsensical stream of words lol x’DD

tl;dr: I need a new computer desk so I can paint properly again lolololo x’DD

Sudjiwo Tedjo tentang twit galau


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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