…stuff to do?

Messy work table at Elite Club Kuningan

Have I still got stuff to do? Yeah I still got stuff to do. There will be lots & lots of stuff to do for quite some time coming. But it’s okay, we can do all these stuffs and doing them is worth what were getting back in return pretty much.

(Although measuring and/or determining success or failure for these stuffs, they kinda feel abstract and maybe even seven-dimensional or more, but that’s a different rant…)

Are we bullshiting? Maybe. But do we have even the faintest idea what we’re doing, what we’re saying, what we’re recommending? Can we see stuffs that they can’t see clearly but we can see better? That’s possible too.

Yeah sure, busy’s good but hectic’s bad, I agree. But we’re in uncharted territory here; ‘there be dragons’ and all that jazz.

So let’s do this. We’ve gone all-in, our money’s on the table, and we’ve got momentum. Let’s get this done.


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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