F- it, Quit? Naah :))

So should I just say F- it and quit? :))

…naah; I know where I’m going, I know what I’m going through, and I know why I’m going through it.

Even if I can’t describe it to y’all in so many words…


[Originally a short Thought which I posted at my Path, which I have expanded below the fold.]

This post was prompted by a series of postings from a colleague (posted at various social media/Internet forums/platforms), more or less outlining how if you’re suffering from your work and you’re feeling depressed because of it then it is a sign that you are not (quote, unquote) “Living your Highest Purpose.”

No I’m not challenging the assertion that work-life depression is a sign that there are things that can be improved about your career and professional life, but rather what I’m saying is that if I should appear to be expressing feelings of depression on my various Internet-based media of expression I personally do not consider it a “sure-shot” signal that I should “immediately” stop whatever it is I’m doing and do something else (anything else) instead.

I know that the colleague’s postings are not directed at me specifically or purposefully — Thank God I’m not that hopelessly self-centered quite just yet hahah :P — but I need to remind myself that the path I have chosen to walk, in life, in career, I have chosen purposefully and the sufferings that I feel mentally (and even spiritually in some cases) are sufferings that I have chosen to bear with full consciousness and for purposes that I had reasoned out beforehand. Yes circumstances may change and updated data are wisely considered to constantly re-evaluate as needed but I must remind myself that I chose to go through this, and I must remember why I chose to go through this.

Sometimes giving up is wise, and at other times it is not. Sometimes the distinction is crystal clear, sometimes this distinction is not. Sometimes we can reason out our best choice, sometimes you just gotta go by your own gut.

I do agree that it is a Good Thing™ to be “Living one’s Highest Purpose”. But the Identification of said “Highest Purpose” is not a 100% solid-path, zero-ambiguity science. Sometimes I just gotta go by my gut.

And that’s that.


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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