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I’ve listed myself at under a pseudonym*. WARNING: Potentially too much information. Consider yourselves warned x))


I’ve grown tired of dating even before I began dating x’D I’ve been single all my life but there have been times when I’ve been mistaken for being a couple with a friend. I’ve grown close to some women but on significant occasions religion/belief has gotten in the way, and in those cases I don’t even dare take it beyond friendship. Some of those friendships are close though, and I cherish them….

I could almost swear if I didn’t care so much about my Christianity I’d already be married with two children right now, living in the outskirts of Jakarta or somewhere having a strained relationship with my mother and family lol x’D

I’ve got self-confidence issues but many have mistaken me for not having any of those issues especially during the first few moments that people see and actually talk with me. But over time….

I’m from a North Sumatran tribe but not Batak. My clan insists on that x)) I don’t fault the Toba people though even though their language and anthropological ancestry is significantly different from the Mandailing and other “officially” Bataknese people; they seem to be pretty flexible about being considered Batak or non-Batak. But where I’m from, my roots, no we’re not Batak. Some of us are married to Bataks, of course lol :))

As for marriage, well…. My mom wants grandchildren Yesterday!!™ x’DD -__-” Don’t worry though! I’ll insist that we become friends first, and I will insist that if should I ever bring you to meet my parents It Will Not!!! It will not be to introduce a future fiancée, just a friend. Unless you want me to introduce you as a fiancée, in which case we can definitely work with that, etc.,etc.,…

Anyways yeah, let’s see where this goes and I certainly hope I can make at least a new friendship or two from this site/service; perhaps even somewhat meaningful ones….

Nice to meet you. :)


*UPDATE: some time after launch Setipe disallowed pseudonyms, and so I’m using my real name there. It’s okay though, for me, because you’ll not be able to see my profile there unless Setipe’s matchmaking programs thinks you’re a match for me.

Come to think of it, it may not be such a good idea to post that I’ve written a Setipe profile because it reveals that I’ve registered for Setipe. 

But eh. Whatever.


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