Changing Schedules


Not to defend myself or the team or anything but well, this is the project, we’re winging it and making things up as we go along. Improvisational schedules are part of that package. Yes it’s an indicator that things are happening that we had not anticipated. Because, “Here be dragons”, et cetera et cetera.

Doesn’t make things suck less, no not at all.

But damn I’m tired.

Management can be done better I know.

She pushes to use us, our spare time, as much of it as possible. Our contracts are designed so that we can’t quit, nor can she fire us, without deep penalties. Pushing us to work with each other somehow. This was by design. She intended it.

She pushes to use all of our time. Causing us to have no spare. She doesn’t care whether or not we can manage each our own time, she just pushes us to give her all of ours.

And so we must push back.


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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