Google+ vs Facebook, what is it for?

Do I think Google+ is absolutely better than Facebook, as an Internet-based social networking? No. But undeniably Google+ has forced—and is still forcing—Facebook to keep improving its social-interaction features.

The same can be said about Path too, how Path has forced Facebook to rethink mobile & privacy (and/or is inspired by? As in, Facebook adjusts its defaults & feature sets based on what Facebook can learn from what’s happening on Path?)

But anyways ultimately what Social is (supposed to be) best for, is to connect humans to other humans in a more humane way.

And sometimes, just sometimes, Social is the next best thing that one can use when you can have, say, a family Christmas dinner or something.

Inspired by a Twitter convo I had with Yogi & Ruli a few hours before New Years Eve 2013, triggered by Ruli’s question, “Would you leave Facebook for Google+?”


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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