differences of opinion

Differences of opinion aren’t dangerous. But perceiving them as insults, as attacks on character, this has so often lead to wars…

Not just verbal backs-and-forth. Not just minorly bruising fisticuffs. All-out wars. With bombs and shit.

So in my opinion one way we could prevent some wars is to start feeling a bit less insulted all the time. By differences of opinion. The little wars in our small circles for a start. Just for a start.

Not to stop having differing opinions. Not by holding them back, not by silencing our dissents. But by not taking them as insults all the time.

Easier said than done, I know. I’m still struggling with this myself.

Bonus link: Semi-related writing, from Avie: “Silent World (Sendirian Berhad)“.

I like this particular bit: Despite them being seemingly trivial, the comical outbursts of anger at the laundry had impressed on me a lot. I remember Eusoff’s advice: “Don’t take it personally. When someone is angry with you, there’s always a chance that they are actually angry at something else. It’s not you. It’s nothing to do with you.” It’s funny how I had to learn from a silent world, to be less perasan in dealing with people. I no longer mind when people are angry with me. Especially when they are being irascible irrationally, without any good or apparent reason. They can stay angry with me, for as long as they want, I don’t mind. No, I no longer mind.

Nice. Thanks, ‘Vie :)


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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