Your Space, Your Rules — a Rant on Freedom of Sharing

Don’t let those who smirk socmed is “only for narcissists” make you forget what you already knew from the very beginning: 

…that socmed is also for keeping in touch.

And how you keep in touch with yours is none of their business.

Make use of the block & unfriend functions vigorously. Don’t let griefers get to you. Your private SocMed space is yours to control. This is not a public forum: this is your forum.

No it’s not perfect, these moderation controls, but you do have some control. Use it. It is your right.

…And this goes especially for private, trust-centered networks. Such as Path. Or protected Facebook posts. Private circle Google+. Locked Twitter accounts. And so on and so forth.

You deserve your own private space where you share with your friends and loved ones on your own terms. The Internet as a telecommunications network wonderfully allows that. Don’t be afraid to use it that way.

Yes you can participate on The Internet as a Public Forum. No you do not have to turn all your own personal Social Media home-pages into Public Forums. The Internet is a communications medium, and you can still shape your Internet however way you want. Your own personal, private corners of the Internet.

You have the right to think on the Internet. Think in peace. And develop your thoughts.

[originally drafted as a Path thought using Google Keep. And of course I’ve added many, many more words to this post from the original Path thought.] [Maybe I’ll flesh this out and turn it into a real article someday….] [post it at my Medium page or something…] [I’m not holding my breath though.] [You shouldn’t hold yours, either.]


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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