No, Google+ hasn’t become Pinterest (developing)

“No, Google+ hasn’t become Pinterest” (originally posted as a Google+ share) — Some time ago someone quipped that Google+ now sucks because it has become Pinterest, being a Google+ bigot I of course objected but I couldn’t quite pin down (pardon the pun) how I would logically object.

I think I’ve figured it out now.

Interaction in Pinterest sucks. Sure you’ve got the heart, repins and comments etc., but it doesn’t really help me (the pinner) connect with the interactee (those who +1’ed, commented, or reshare), or at least not very efficiently.

Here in Google+, actual discussions & interactions sparked by an image or .gif, actually happens!

Or something. I dunno.


See on the face of it, although I have almost 600 followers at Pinterest (, and quite a number of repins & likes, I hardly know any of those people. Sure there’s some folks I knew before from Google+ or from Twitter, and acquaintances & families from Facebook, but I hardly met anyone new there.

Sure maybe there’s this Indonesian Language teacher born & raised in Australia but I hardly know anything else from her (which might be for the better from a privacy point-of-view) but still, we hardly interact. I don’t know her, and neither does she me.

(How do I know she’s a teacher? Well, from her Pinterest profile, it’s written there, _and_ it so happens she has liked & repin a handful of my pins, and me hers, but still…)

Anyways yeah, I don’t think Pinterest really facilitates any meaningful interaction. I mainly use it to bookmark web pages & save interesting/funny/inspiring pictures…




Author: Ferdi Zebua

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