hiding | knowledge

We have developed a particular skill, us Indonesian workers….

We have learned to intimately hide our incidental special knowledges.

We hide our special knowledge, in order that we not be given responsibility beyond that which we can controllably predict our 100% certain compliance & success. For example, some of us would pretend to be unable to grasp the “basic concepts” that would enable us to set-up our own email in our BlackBerry or Android smartphone, in order that Management would not have 24/7 access to us and give us standing orders to be executed on weekdays weekends. Because given that flexibility, Management WILL exploit that flexibility.

And thus we hide the flexibility, to concerve our very real and undeniably limited mental energy…

(I’m sure that if you’re reading this and have understood so far, that you’ll be able to easily imagine many, many other workplace & professional scenarios like this.)


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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