“It’s called work and you should hate it” is such a big, big lie.

“It’s called work and you should hate it” is such a big, big lie.

It is very possible to love what you’re doing for a living right now; you just have to remember why you wanted to do this in the first place, and you need to stop comparing to other people.

…and if you want to aspire to something, aspire to a better version of your own self, don’t aspire to be someone else. And it is not wrong and not stupid to attach your identity to your work. Hell, loving your work will make you love doing it and love being better at it.

So yeah: anybody that tells you that you suck ass, they suck ass. You love your work. And you’ll get better at it.

Also stop constantly second-guessing yourself. Listen to input yes definitely, but only one person can have any hope of having the complete & holistic understanding of your situation, and that person is your own self.

Intensity doesn’t have to be the enemy. Timidness doesn’t always have to be your friend.

I am alive. And I am progressing.



Author: Ferdi Zebua

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