On “Skin In The Game” in ancient Christian practice – via Nasim Nicholas Taleb

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This is a picture of a church altar in Maaloula (St Sergius/Mar Sarkis) I saw a few decades ago, with a striking feature: it has a drain for blood. This altar came from a reconverted pagan temple used by early Christians. Pre Nicea (4th C) Christians recycled altars. Altar in Arabic/Aramaic is still Mazba7 from “DB7=ritual slaying by cutting the guttural vein”. And Korban is still used for sacrament (the Semitic word for sacrifice).

Well, in the Mediterranean pagan world, no worship without sacrifice. The gods did not accept cheap talk. This also applied to the Temple of Jerusalem.

Somehow Christianity removed the idea of such sacrifice under the notion that the Christ sacrificed himself for others; but there is still a simulacrum with wine representing blood, at the close of the ceremony flushed in the piscina (the drain).

So in a Judeo-Christian place of worship, the focal point, where the priest stands, symbolizes Skin in the Game. The notion of belief without tangible proof is not existent in history.

Hebrews 9:22 ” And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.” (et omnia paene in sanguine mundantur secundum legem et sine sanguinis fusione non fit remissio)

(Credit Elisabeth Thoburn)

NO WORSHIP WITHOUT SACRIFICE (Skin in the Game), Posted to Facebook by Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Sunday, August 9, 2015


Kesimpulan diskusi singkat dengan supir taksi malam ini: lebih baik memikirkan bagaimana menyikapi teknologi, daripada memikirkan bagaimana mencegah teknologi 😁

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Google as a Non-Evil Open Source Entity

Google as a Non-Evil Open Source Entity
Re-posted with some editing from my original post over at my Google+ profile, from back in September 2011.

A few hours ago I spotted the following somewhere on my stream: …every Google service (and i mean every) is replaceable with an alternative. Of course this is true. What Google does is bring it all under a single roof and make it all work together. Which is why it is so important for Google to not be evil.

By virtue of Google being mostly dependent on Open Source, once Google starts becoming evil anyone else (with the adequate economic & engineering resources of course) can just take code from Google and replicate all Google’s services. So Google must stay not evil, or die.
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Some Collected Ello Thoughts

Some collected Ello thoughts | I’ve been a bit active in Ello this past few months. I originally had no intention of publishing any original work there but over time I have. And now in an attempt to not lose anything there that’s worth not-losing, I’m mirroring some of them here on my mind-Dumpster.

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Flooding at home, February 2015

repost from my Ello:

I’m not really one for posting just for posting’s sake, and I did at least conceptually want to go for a couple of days or more between posts, but I felt like sharing the fact that my family house got flooded this morning. The water has subsided though somewhat, this evening, and if it doesn’t rain tonight and for the next couple of days or so I am predicting that we’ll be home free and everything will be all right again.

Flooding still persist though, throughout several spots in Jakarta, Bandung, and other cities throughout Indonesia. They did predict the rainy season to reach its peek this month in February this year. Though the last time that the flood water actually reached into our house was about seven, eight years ago if I recall correctly.

If I had sworn off all other social media services except Ello I might have just that tiny bit more justification for posting this post & photo here tonight, but as it is I’m still on FB, Twitter, G+, Path, Pinterest, etc.,etc., so my bases are covered and it’s not like I really have to post here tonight.

But here I am, and here’s this post.

Anyways have a good day/night everyone, wherever you are in the World when you’re reading this.

Jakarta flood, February 10th, 2015

to own culture you must live it

To own culture, you must live it.

Witness the Burmese Longyi cloth——a sarong-like cloth——which the Burmese wear daily for work. And nobody in Japan felt any need to register the Kabuki theater format; nobody in the World can mistake their heritage as belonging to anyone else.

Before we register a world heritage, or even a national heritage, it must first be alive in our everyday lives.


[Some ‘talk’ today on the SocMeds about preserving national cultures & heritages…] [venting my opinions here, as opposed to jumping into the fray.]

a Meditation of Confidence

Confidence is practiced.
Reputation is built.
Honor is earned.
Strength is trained.
Intelligence is learned.
Wisdom is cultivated.
Fate is befallen upon.

Do not let others dictate upon you what you should deem important and good. Refuse to be fooled. Discover for yourself.

Do not suffer the insults of the unenlightened. They must not be heeded, and you must not let them so frivolously torment you.

You are the sole master of your own perceptions.



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