Flooding at home, February 2015

repost from my Ello:

I’m not really one for posting just for posting’s sake, and I did at least conceptually want to go for a couple of days or more between posts, but I felt like sharing the fact that my family house got flooded this morning. The water has subsided though somewhat, this evening, and if it doesn’t rain tonight and for the next couple of days or so I am predicting that we’ll be home free and everything will be all right again.

Flooding still persist though, throughout several spots in Jakarta, Bandung, and other cities throughout Indonesia. They did predict the rainy season to reach its peek this month in February this year. Though the last time that the flood water actually reached into our house was about seven, eight years ago if I recall correctly.

If I had sworn off all other social media services except Ello I might have just that tiny bit more justification for posting this post & photo here tonight, but as it is I’m still on FB, Twitter, G+, Path, Pinterest, etc.,etc., so my bases are covered and it’s not like I really have to post here tonight.

But here I am, and here’s this post.

Anyways have a good day/night everyone, wherever you are in the World when you’re reading this.

Jakarta flood, February 10th, 2015


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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