Some Collected Ello Thoughts

Some collected Ello thoughts | I’ve been a bit active in Ello this past few months. I originally had no intention of publishing any original work there but over time I have. And now in an attempt to not lose anything there that’s worth not-losing, I’m mirroring some of them here on my mind-Dumpster.

___ :

One will never get anywhere as an artist (living within the sphere of influence of general society) if one constantly react self-destructively to harsh-sounding constructive criticism.

People vent. It’s reality. And what’s more, when people vent there are powerful emotional triggers there; triggers that an artist can tap into, triggers that can possibly take your art to the next level. [if only the artist would sympathize…]

…Though yes obviously of course, there is such a thing as sensory overload. Detach and/or disengage when necessary as needed. [but such detachment/disengagement need not be permanent. ~ed.]

This applies to many human fields of course, not just the fine arts.

___ :

Superman Is Dead is part of Bali, and Bali is part of Indonesia. But this matter of identity is not why I agree with this message from SID to Tony Abbot.

Personally I agree that Bali can do with a lot less trash tourists. Of any nationality.

SID to Tony Abbot: "We don't need your trash tourists."
SID to Tony Abbot: “We don’t need your trash tourists.”

…And as for the issues of 1) death penalty and 2) drug abuse, my opinions on those topics I’m going to save for another thread.

___ :

And my personal opinion on the death penalty? A bad idea. For any crime.

A person wrongly executed is permanently dead. But a legal system is a national-level agreement, the Whole People must agree that There Is a Legal System, or that There Is Not. If we want to abolish the death penalty on each our nation-states, we each have to work within our legal systems.

And my opinion on a nation-state’s legal sovereignty? A good idea.

No nation may hold another’s legal system as subservient. Indonesia is not Australia’s colony. Nor is Saudi Arabia, Indonesia’s. You can argue all you want that the USA has effectively colonized the whole World economically, but legally, USA doesn’t own the World. Nor any other nation-state, any other nation.


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