Cribbing from Gapingvoid Art again

this time on how “Everybody Can Be a Leader”:

In the bad old days, only the guys on top are allowed to be leaders. They want all the glory, they want to make all the decisions. Everyone else is expected to keep quiet, obey orders and do their jobs.
Luckily for everyone concerned, this situation is no longer tenable. It’s certainly not how the world-class companies are currently.

The truth is, leadership doesn’t care where it comes from. According to Santa Clara University Professor Barry Posner, at its most basic, leadership is being able to say:

1. “I am making a difference?”  
2. “I can’t do it alone”

… And meaning it.

You can mean it if you’re the CEO, you can mean it if you work in the mail room. Either way, It’s your choice.

It’s almost even tempting to say that one cannot not be a leader… One even has to lead one’s own self….

[From the Gapingvoid Daily Newsletter archives.]

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Author: Ferdi Zebua

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