Jakarta, May 2016

My brother just got home from watching the Champions League finals with his high-school buddies. He’s still in touch with this high-school buddies which I think is very wonderful.

My high-school buddies recently started a WhatsApp group and invited a bunch of us. 500 messages a day, you know the deal. I sent maybe three in total as far as I could remember.

I was afraid to speak my mind.

…maybe. But on the other hand I also didn’t have much anything to say.


Anyways that answered my question from yesterday about what I’m afraid of I think. At least I think this is one of the answers. One of the more significant answer to the question, perhaps even.

It’s related to what’s holding me back, I’m sure.



#reflections #note2self #need2fix

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Author: Ferdi Zebua

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