As I listen to friends (and not quite friends) describe what’s compelling about Donald Trump, I am constantly drawn back to the same thought: What makes the man so terrifying is his insanely erratic behavior. Say what you want about his independence from big money (except of course Sheldon’s), or about his willingness to say what’s true (except of course the conspiracy theories (birther/JFK/Vince Foster) that he just can’t escape), what terrifies me most is his disqualifying flakiness in making serious decisions.

This challenge to debate Sanders is just the latest, but perhaps the clearest. Trump is as clear as he can be in his “promise” to debate if it could raise money for charity. The funds were promised, and then he chickens out.  So, seriously, you iconoclasts, so eager to show your independence by supporting Trump: Is this the quality you want in a commander in chief — especially one with nuclear weapons?

Let’s not let this point fade. How about a regular, hand-made protest. Every hour, on the hour, tweet:

#ChickenTrump #FlakeyTrump @realdonaldtrump http://bit.ly/ChickenTrumpHourly

Let’s build it till we bring back the FailWhale.

✊  :fist_emoji:

from my Tumblr blog: ferdifz.tumblr.com [Direct link]


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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