clientsfromhell: a commemorative t-shirt for 14,000 people


I work as an in-house graphic designer in corporate America. Several years ago, our company went public on the stock market, and to celebrate, the decision was made to design a commemorative t-shirt for EVERY employee (roughly 14,000 people).

Since I was the one designing the shirt, by some incredible leap of logic and management genius, it made sense that I should be the one coordinating the production and shipping of the order. Instead of ordering mass quantities of each size, management wanted everyone to order their shirt to avoid too many extras – so they wanted me to process 14,000+ individual orders. The kicker? Because not all of our employees have computer access, they didn’t want to use an online order form.

I came up with a detailed plan for collecting the orders and worked with internal communications team to let everyone know about it. We sent the process out many times through multiple channels: memos, emails, internal newsletters, company intranet, etc.

And yet – surprise surprise – some people still managed to miss the deadline for placing their order (side note: you wouldn’t believe how upset some people get about missing out on free stuff).

Some of their responses were classic, but my favorite is this one, sent more than two weeks after the due date:

Coworker: It appears I have missed the deadline. Is it too late to place my order?


from my Tumblr blog: [direct link]


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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