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Guardian columnist Jenny Judge tried to get some work done at a Brooklyn coffee shop, disconnecting with Freewrite — an electronic typewriter of sorts.

It may be “pretentious hipster nonsense” — with a hefty price tag ($499) — “but if enjoying a boost in productivity makes me a hipster douchebag, I’m, like, super down,” she says.

Did it work? 

Hmm. An interesting idea….

Wouldn’t an old fashioned pen and paper solve the author’s problems? No internet and the only way to edit is to start over.

A pen and paper? It could, I suppose, but one can write more and for longer stretches with a qwerty keyboard than with a ballpoint pen…

Try writing twenty pages with a ballpoint pen on an ordinary notebook, it would take just a bit under an hour and the wrists would hurt. And there’s a tendency to grip the pen harder when you’re writing down things you’re very excited about and that gets you to grip your pen even tighter. I’m sure there’s many other scenarios that one can think of…

Me instead of getting one of these contraptions I’d rather get a WiFi-only 8-inch Android tablet with a cheap scissor-mechanism bluetooth keyboard.

An alternative is the earlier Hemingwrite from a couple of years ago. But wait a minute, it looks similar…


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