To Whom do Internet Memes Belong?

[Link:] To whom do memes belong? [from]

Kernel magazine:

Here’s what the meme elite—the meme percent, if you will—won’t admit: Memes belong to whoever uses them. To the extent that some particular meme conveys an emotion, action, or state of being, it is a language in which anyone may become fluent. Who are these shadowy internet addicts to say that the masses are not allowed access? Wasn’t the web meant to put an end to gatekeepers? The people roasting me for shedding light on dat boi aspire to a form of control as evil as it is nonsensical.

I killed dat boi. Long live dat boi. But most importantly:

“I do believe I am dat boi.”

And that’s the thing though: Despite the Memepercent’s declaration of Dat Boi’s death, most of Mainstream Media at this very moment does not even know what the heck Dat Boi is.

Only Internet addicts would have any idea…

// BONUS LINK: “What makes a meme ‘dank’?” [Daily Dot]

from my Tumblr blog: [direct link]


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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