I’ve been auto-crossposting…

For the past several months I have used IFTTT to auto-crosspost most of my blog post at my personal Tumblr blog onto this blog (the mind-Dumpster).

It’s been a heck of a ride, where more posts have been posted to the mind-Dumpster in the past three months than has ever been published from since I moved the mind-Dumpster from Posterous to WordPress.com.

I had thought that the sheer volume might be somewhat unwieldy and might lead to people shying away from this blog but it seems engagement has risen a bit instead, in the form of likes/stars and new followers.

So I don’t know… I had thought about discontinuing the experiment but I guess I shall let it continue for now.


Author: Ferdi Zebua

For more info visit my WordPress.com blog, my Google+, or my Ello.

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