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I’ve written to a bunch of people about this, but now I write to you. If you can, please do what you can to support Maria Chappelle-Nadal for Congress.

The first event I did after hitting the funding challenge in my race to become a candidate in the Democratic Primary was to go to Ferguson. I had met Maria about six weeks before. She offered to introduce me to the city and the story of the incredible inequality that still rages across America.

Because that was the context in which she had first met me. I had spoken at the PCCC’s training seminar about the Citizen Equality Act. Maria saw the links between that fight and the fight she knew so well — as a state senator from Ferguson, and as a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. She said I should come to Ferguson. Launching a campaign to (at least) be permitted to be in the debates for the Democratic Primary seemed a great reason to come.

I spent the evening — more than four hours — in a basement at a church, as she led an incredible community conversation about race in America. It was the most moving public event I have ever been a part of. Person after person rose to tell their story. It is not a story white America knows. It is a profound story of injustice.

But what Maria had done was to build from this sadness an amazing community of activism and support. Though this was the saddest part of America’s history, she was using that emotion to make it the most inspirational. She is a true leader, not just of one movement, but of a generation, of an ideal, of all that is great in what we celebrate.

Maria is running for Congress. She has a really difficult primary. If she can give her community hope, she has a chance. If you can help her make that happen, we would all have a better chance to build the America that too many believe we already have.

Please support Maria. Like now. Her primary is August 2. Thank you.

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Author: Ferdi Zebua

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