BlackBerry Messenger —the possibilities

Some things I wish Emtek would do with BlackBerry Messenger:

  • Maintain & update BBM for the various OSes: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BB 10 OS. Or at least on some, if not all, of these OS-es; and with the same high quality as, or with better quality than, current existing versions of BBM
  • Create a BBM desktop app for Win10 and MacOS (and Linux if they’re feeling adventurous and/or can reuse code somehow); something similar to WhatsApp for Desktop or the LINE Desktop App. (And yes I’ve heard of BlackBerry Blend, but Blend only works for connecting BB 10 OS devices to a desktop/laptop PC or to an Android tablet. It doesn’t work for connecting BBM on Android, BBM on iOS, etc. to a PC.)
  • Update, or provide an alternative to, the BBM Channels Management Web Portal; the current version hasn’t been updated for several years I think and is so sluggish…

Context: “BlackBerry teams up with Indonesian firm Emtek to help expand its BBM business” — June 2016,

from my Tumblr blog: [direct link]


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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