[LINK] “Learning the Art of Critique” (from UX Booth magazine)

[LINK] “Learning the Art of Critique” (from UX Booth magazine)

“Can you make it look like Apple?”

“You should move that text to the top of the page and make all of the buttons icons.”

If you have spent any time building, designing, or crafting something— or working with those who do—you have probably heard something along the lines of these statements, which are often followed by something like, “Well, I’m just giving you some feedback .”

…Thus begins “Discussing Design”, the new book from O’Reilly Media that shows us all how to provide feedback in a constructive way. In the book, Connor and Irizarry review three types of feedback, and why we struggle with it as designers.

“The issue with feedback lies in how nonspecific it is. Feedback itself is nothing more than a reaction or response,” they explain. Reaction-based feedback is just that—an immediate reaction without context. Direction-based feedback jumps too quickly to problem solving. But critique compares a design to the objectives it was attempting to accomplish.

[UXBooth Magazine] had the opportunity to discuss design, critique, and collaboration with the two authors.


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