The Problem with Your Passion


Passion is temperamental, ethereal, and a weak material to build a business on. It should be your guiding star, not the foundation for your business.

Episode Summary

In this episode, Bryce discusses:

The challenge of finding your passion How working on your passion can snuff it out How outside influences affect your passion How freelancing allows the flexibility to pursue your passion – but that passion can’t be the only thing fueling your freelance business How work shaped Bryce’s passions The importance of “not losing the magic” What, exactly, is the creative “spark” How passion and the creative spark can be snuffed out by real life Bill Murray’s advice for being a competent human being (and baseball player) Extra resources:

> Don’t Lose the Magic via Austin Kleon

> George Saunders Writing Education Timeline via The New Yorker

> Bill Murray’s speech


Bryce refers to fantasy author alumni “Tom Erikson.“ He is, of course, referring to Steven Erikson. –

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