The Story of the Watermelon-tamer

…A little further on the way he met a group of people. They were cowering in terror before a large watermelon that had grown in a field.

“We have never seen one of these monsters before,” they told him, “and it will certainly grow even larger and will kill us all. But we are afraid to touch it.”

“Would you like me to tell you something about it?” he asked them.

“Don’t be a fool!” they replied. “Kill it and you will be rewarded, but we don’t want to know anything about it.” So the dervish took out a knife, advanced upon the melon, and cut a slice, which he started to eat. Amid terrible cries of alarm, the people gave him a handful of money. As he left, they said: “Please do not come back, Honored Murderer of Monsters. Do not come and kill us likewise!”

Thus, gradually, he learned that in the Country of the Fools, in order to survive, one must be able to think and talk like a fool as well. After several years he managed to convert some fools to reason, and as a reward one day he attained Deep Knowledge. But although he became a saint in the Country of the Fools, they remembered him only as the Man who Cut Open the Green Monster and Drank its Blood. They tried to do the same, to gain Deep Knowledge—and they never gained it.

—via a comment at this Ello thread.


// UPDATE: On a whim I did a Web-search to see if I can find the original, and apparently this tale is an excerpt from “The Sufis” by Idris Shah

from my Tumblr blog:, posted on November 06, 2016 at 12:00PM. [direct link]


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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