“Commercial Social Media Strategy” [Clients from Hell]


I’m a Digital Marketing Director, I recently took on a new client who turned out to be a complete nightmare!

After a couple of weeks of sorting out his social media strategy I was ready to begin work on his campaigns. I sent a number of emails asking for his social media log-ins so that I could get the channels set-up. No reply.

Later he emailed me without reference to my messages.

Client: Hey! I want all my posts to be commercial. Let’s really sell our products!

Me: Well, there are a couple of issues with that. You don’t have any followers yet, and if all of your posts are selling something, you won’t get any. Typically you want to aim for an 80/20 mix of informative posts to commercial ones so that people will want to follow you in the first place.

Client: Don’t’ try to “brand” my company. You’re just helping me sell product, and I need customers right away. Also, I was thinking of handing out some leaflets – do you know where would be good to hand them out?

I live 250 miles away from his business. So, no, I didn’t.

After the weekend I had an email from him offering to pay half of my monthly bill, he accused me of breach of contract as I hadn’t set-up his social channels.

Client: You have the cheek to try and be funny with me when you’re clearly In the wrong! Apart from the keywords list you have done sweet FA. You have NOTstuck to your own agreement.

Me: Well, to set up your social I need your logins. I sent you several emails requesting them and you never responded.

I forwarded all of the emails I’d sent requesting this information (7 in total), along with an invoice for the amount he’d agreed to pay.

Client: Invoice paid don’t ever email me again, sending me all those Made up emails that I never received at all or within your schedule. I should also report you for fraud.

Best case scenario. I’m glad to see the back of him! 

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from my Tumblr blog: ferdifz.tumblr.com, posted on November 14, 2016 at 09:15PM. [direct link]


Author: Ferdi Zebua

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