Comment upon AskGaryVee featuring Seth Godin

If there’s anything I can personally take away from this video, it’s that as a junior do not be afraid to challenge your senior if you need to. And when as a senior you are challenged by a junior do not take offense at being  challenged. Take it as a learning & dialectic experience.

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IFTTT problem…

Seems my got disconnected from my IFTTT account since August 2017; bummer…

What this causes is that, since many of my most spontaneous blogging happens at my Tumblr [at], a lot of posts which I thought I had cross-posted from my Tumblr to my WordPress got lost in the aether. Which is supremely annoying.

Anyways whatever. WordPress now connected again to IFTTT. More blog posts in this mind-dump to come. Yay.

Posting di Tele-Group “Books n’ Shit”, tentang Putin…

Sebuah ide posting; nggak pernah dikelarin. Publish aja tapi backdate, biar kena crawling/spider… siapa tau bisa berguna bagi orang lain…


Jadi subyektif nih arah-arahnya, tampaknya, dalam hal menilai apakah Indonesia saat ini mirip atau tidak dengan Jerman sebelum Kristalnacht…

Untuk menilai USA pasca-Trump pun…


Sedangkan soal essai-nya Putin; singkatnya sih (dengan resiko mungkin ada detil-detil penting yg ke-skip) menurut gw argumennya Putin adalah  “dunia Barat” terlalu parno dalam menyikapi Rusia/Putin, karena:

1) “dunia Barat” menganggap Putin/Rusia ingin menaklukkan Eropa; sedangkan dengan mengangkat statistik warga Rusia 140-an juta orang sedang warga Eropa 400-an juta, sehingga bodoh sekali dengan timpang angka seperti ini menganggap Rusia berani-beraninya ingin “mencaplok” Eropa (ataupun Eropa Timur)

2) Amerika Serikat “telah nge-hack” pilpres Amrik, padahal ngapain juga Rusia ngurusin siapa yang jadi presiden Amrik, pun ngapain juga Rusia bela-belain “men-curang-i” pilpres Amrik

3) dst., dst.,…

Sesudah itu Putin mengajak “Dunia Barat” untuk mau menggandeng Rusia dalam usaha “menjaga perdamaian dunia”

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I enjoy drawing daily. I really do. (draft Ello post, unposted)

I enjoy drawing daily. I really do.
At some moments it feels like a burden but each day as I post it, like, it feels good to see that I’ve managed to draw something that I cannot be ashamed of, perhaps sometimes even be proud of. Even though my drawing time never really cuts into my working time, where most of my time is wasted by other procrastination times such as watching YouTube videos and reading articles that have nothing to do with the day-job blog posts that I’m supposed to be doing but these veerings & stumblings on the Internet take up way, way more time in aggregate than any drawing I do, my daily drawings take up almost none of my time. And yet…
Lately I tend to draw two drawings a day then I take a break. I’ve been wanting to draw several drawings in a day so that I can draw something complex over the course of several days; such as “a full musician”, an “evil train”, or a typewriter–darn a typewriter seems more complex for me to draw than it should I’d thought I’d be able to draw a typewriter real quick but it seems no…
I need to produce more blog posts and faster. They’re the ones making real money. The drawings… the drawings are just hobby and they take up no time. What’s really taking up my time is all these social media… but I do research on social media and the Web if I go offline I can’t write because I can’t access data and…
I don’t know.
Sorry this is just a stream of consciousness I ought to edit this at least give it one top-to-bottom read before I publish or perhaps one complete rewrite just to be safe before I publish but….



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[Link:] If the World is Ending, What’s Beginning?

[Link:] If The World is Ending, What’s Beginning? — On Techne by Umair Haque

With Brexit passing and Trump coming, you might think that “all is lost”, and “the world is ending”. Should we despair?

Well, in a way… yes we should. But that is not the whole story… Check out Umair Haque’s take on today’s contemporary political dystopia.

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[LINK] “Learning the Art of Critique” (from UX Booth magazine)

[LINK] “Learning the Art of Critique” (from UX Booth magazine)

“Can you make it look like Apple?”

“You should move that text to the top of the page and make all of the buttons icons.”

If you have spent any time building, designing, or crafting something— or working with those who do—you have probably heard something along the lines of these statements, which are often followed by something like, “Well, I’m just giving you some feedback .”

…Thus begins “Discussing Design”, the new book from O’Reilly Media that shows us all how to provide feedback in a constructive way. In the book, Connor and Irizarry review three types of feedback, and why we struggle with it as designers.

“The issue with feedback lies in how nonspecific it is. Feedback itself is nothing more than a reaction or response,” they explain. Reaction-based feedback is just that—an immediate reaction without context. Direction-based feedback jumps too quickly to problem solving. But critique compares a design to the objectives it was attempting to accomplish.

[UXBooth Magazine] had the opportunity to discuss design, critique, and collaboration with the two authors.

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Studio Ghibli animates the oldest Manga, a new animated short

So wonderful to see that Studio Ghibli is still outputting some animations to this day. It gives hope that they have not totally disbanded yet, and that someday they will return to making more of their critically-acclaimed feature-length anime movies.

—via Fubiz magazine: “When Ghibli Studio Gives Life to the Oldest Manga in the History”.

Further details on this animation project, from the Marubeni Company corporate website:

“Make Someone In the World Happy” — The Marubeni Group, together with Studio Ghibli, Inc. (“Studio Ghibli”), has produced an animation to convey its corporate image as a group that contributes to regional economies and society.

The Marubeni Group has now expressed this corporate image as an animation utilizing the world view held by Studio Ghibli. Adopting the motif of what is said to be Japan’s oldest manga, “Choju Jinbutsu Giga (Scrolls of Frolicking Animals and Humans)”, the animation tells the story of mutual compassion and cooperation between a hare and a frog set against an old Japanese backdrop.

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BlackBerry Messenger —the possibilities

Some things I wish Emtek would do with BlackBerry Messenger:

  • Maintain & update BBM for the various OSes: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BB 10 OS. Or at least on some, if not all, of these OS-es; and with the same high quality as, or with better quality than, current existing versions of BBM
  • Create a BBM desktop app for Win10 and MacOS (and Linux if they’re feeling adventurous and/or can reuse code somehow); something similar to WhatsApp for Desktop or the LINE Desktop App. (And yes I’ve heard of BlackBerry Blend, but Blend only works for connecting BB 10 OS devices to a desktop/laptop PC or to an Android tablet. It doesn’t work for connecting BBM on Android, BBM on iOS, etc. to a PC.)
  • Update, or provide an alternative to, the BBM Channels Management Web Portal; the current version hasn’t been updated for several years I think and is so sluggish…

Context: “BlackBerry teams up with Indonesian firm Emtek to help expand its BBM business” — June 2016,

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The problem with fake it till you make it

The problem with fake it till you make it is that when everybody does it everybody becomes a faker, even those that makes it..

(Except for some parts of the act, which are real; but the rest of it are just an act…)

[This might explain how most everybody in the World in positions of responsibility & public attention, don’t seem to really know what they’re really doing…]

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