[Link:] If the World is Ending, What’s Beginning?

[Link:] If The World is Ending, What’s Beginning? — On Techne by Umair Haque

With Brexit passing and Trump coming, you might think that “all is lost”, and “the world is ending”. Should we despair?

Well, in a way… yes we should. But that is not the whole story… Check out Umair Haque’s take on today’s contemporary political dystopia.

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Brexit, the aftermath…

Corey Lewandowsky has been recruited by CNN. How about recruiting David Cameron?

…Or are people still hoping the parliament succeeds in pushing for a second Brexit referendum (to reverse the decision)? Yes it’s kind of dragging the issue, but if it may be worth it why not…? Ehehe *sigh*

There’s been some talk in the past 24 hours of (at least) some Londoners  asking for a second referendum. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea (that the UK should move on already and not well), or whether the UK people should embrace the momentum instead. This, in contrast with statements from some EU member states officials who are urging the UK to speed up their ‘brexit process’; almost as if they want to kick out the UK as soon as possible…

All I want is to wish the people of the UK the best, is all. The best for the UK, and the best for all of us affected by the global economy. Sympathies.