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I remember a lesson I got at one of my former offices, that publishing a piece of photojournalism without a caption is professionally irresponsible. Why is it irresponsible? Because a photograph without a caption leaves its context open to misinterpretation. The photograph could potentially misinform or, even worse, lie. But the thing is, the trend in Instagram lately has been to post pictures with little to no captions. Or even to post pictures whose purpose is nothing more than to hold a caption text that’s more of a blog post, and the picture sometimes doesn’t even have anything to do with the caption, or the picture is a quote-unquote “throwaway” picture. | One could perhaps argue that Instagram *is not* photojournalism, or at least not limited to just photojournalism. That would be a valid point of course. But still though Instagram does occasionally get used by and organizations for photojournalism, such as for example by Reuters and NatGeo. Routers and NatGeo always accompany their Instagram photos with captions, excellent captions even more often than not.

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Kemarin malam menghabiskan dua jam di dalam bis TransJakarta. Kesannya mungkin biasa saja, tapi ini dua jam hanya dari Gedung KPK di Kuningan Barat hingga tiba di Kuningan Timur, perempatan Mampang – Gatot Subroto. |
Berapa hari terakhir ini di lampu merah Kuningan – Gatsu arah menuju Mampang, hanya ada satu jalur mobil. Sedang dilangsungkan pembangunan underpass Mampang dan juga jalur MRT di sepanjang Kuningan Raya.

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