Yanny or Laurel solved: Check out these waveforms

Yanny or Laurel solved: Check out these waveforms

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dealing with the Internet’s anti-religiosity

originally published on Ello some time in August 2017

My religious spirituality is my crutch, and I still choose to rely on my crutch thank you.

And you do realize what happens when you kick the crutch that a person relies on, don’t you? A quick clue: the limp DOES NOT magically become fully healed when you kick down their crutch.

Just a game of analogies that maybe some of you might want to poke with.

Or not.



So forgive me when I say that I am of the opinion that most all militant anti-theists that I have personally come across throughout my life…

…are assholes.


The amygdala handles both pain response, and emotional reaction to cognitively dissonant information.

Think about that.

The Oatmeal’s brilliant take on why shoving info into your dialectical opponent’s face is not always productive: :arrow_down:



I’m feeling a bit bitey this afternoon. Forgive me that I don’t feel like conforming to the skeptical material logical scientific norm of the intellectual Internet community at this time.

Via Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeatRattle/status/897630378881687553

Via Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeatRattle/status/897630378881687553

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Engage by Twitter

I’d love to have the Engage app, and use it on my main Twitter account.

Not that I’m a “celebrity”, but that yes at times (if not often) reading the Twitter timeline leaves me feeling quite upset.

…But thing is I don’t have an iOS device, and I loathe to get just one more gadget or replace any of the ones I already use, just for the “pleasure” of “engaging” a version of Twitter that’s somewhat less “upsetting”.

I’ll wait till they release an Android version. (Or a Web-app version, maybe…)

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To Whom do Internet Memes Belong?

[Link:] To whom do memes belong? [from kernelmag.dailydot.org]

Kernel magazine:

Here’s what the meme elite—the meme percent, if you will—won’t admit: Memes belong to whoever uses them. To the extent that some particular meme conveys an emotion, action, or state of being, it is a language in which anyone may become fluent. Who are these shadowy internet addicts to say that the masses are not allowed access? Wasn’t the web meant to put an end to gatekeepers? The people roasting me for shedding light on dat boi aspire to a form of control as evil as it is nonsensical.

I killed dat boi. Long live dat boi. But most importantly:

“I do believe I am dat boi.”

And that’s the thing though: Despite the Memepercent’s declaration of Dat Boi’s death, most of Mainstream Media at this very moment does not even know what the heck Dat Boi is.

Only Internet addicts would have any idea…

// BONUS LINK: “What makes a meme ‘dank’?” [Daily Dot]

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