“Anger is a useful metric” and other evil tips for making money off hyper-partisan content

“Anger is a useful metric” and other evil tips for making money off hyper-partisan content

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“Lying Press” — cartoon by Pat Bagley

Cartoon by Pat Bagley, carried by Cagle Cartoons [www.caglecartoons.com].

(Higher resolution image file found at various online newspapers, for example at the Salt Lake Tribune.)

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[Link:] You Won’t Be Able to Sue The Next Gawker

Cody Brown at Medium:

Many legal experts predict that Gawker will win the Hulk Hogan case on appeal but it won’t even matter because fighting the lawsuit took so much money that it bankrupted the company. This is Silicon Valley justice?

My worry, as someone who works in tech, is that support of Thiel is going to backfire and everyone in tech will suffer. The world is waking up to the hypocrisy and grotesque wealth of the valley — they want to know who these obscenely rich people are and they’re not always going to be nice in their questioning. Thiel just crucified the most notorious dissenter of Silicon Valley and called it ‘philanthropy.’ If this is how Silicon Valley billionaires are going to treat their dissenters, then dissenters have no choice but to go underground.

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