IFTTT problem…

Seems my WordPress.com got disconnected from my IFTTT account since August 2017; bummer…

What this causes is that, since many of my most spontaneous blogging happens at my Tumblr [at ferdifz.tumblr.com], a lot of posts which I thought I had cross-posted from my Tumblr to my WordPress got lost in the aether. Which is supremely annoying.

Anyways whatever. WordPress now connected again to IFTTT. More blog posts in this mind-dump to come. Yay.


I need to figure out how to automate propagation of my various socmed postings properly, through IFTTT, without it all crashing down & burning in a sea of mediocrity and fakeness. Somehow.


from my Tumblr blog: ferdifz.tumblr.com, posted on February 03, 2017 at 08:06PM. [direct link]

I’ve been auto-crossposting…

For the past several months I have used IFTTT to auto-crosspost most of my blog post at my personal Tumblr blog onto this blog (the mind-Dumpster).

It’s been a heck of a ride, where more posts have been posted to the mind-Dumpster in the past three months than has ever been published from since I moved the mind-Dumpster from Posterous to WordPress.com.

I had thought that the sheer volume might be somewhat unwieldy and might lead to people shying away from this blog but it seems engagement has risen a bit instead, in the form of likes/stars and new followers.

So I don’t know… I had thought about discontinuing the experiment but I guess I shall let it continue for now.

contact form spam -_-“

Over a dozen messages posted to my email from this blog’s front-page Contact Form, ever since I activated it a few months ago; and every single one of them had been sex-related spam T___T”

Seriously contemplating shutting down the contact form. I think it’s more productive to contact me via my other public Social Media channels (Twitter, Google+….)

Update: I’ve taken out the front page contact form.

Moved again.

So here I am at WordPress, because Posterous just shut down.

This blog was at ferdiz.posterous.com but Posterous Spaces is shutting down tomorrow. And before that this blog was at lemi4.blogdrive.com but that particular blog site is inaccessible too (something to do with ripway.com shutting down or something; I used to host my images for free at Ripway).


the mind-Dumpster 2.0… beta

Ha!I skipped fERDI’s mind-Dumpster 1.0 and went directly to 2.0 Beta! Eat that Google! :DNow, about setting up shop….[this program will be right back after the following messages]


I skipped fERDI's mind-Dumpster 1.0 and went directly to 2.0 Beta! Eat that Google! :D

Now, about setting up shop….

[this program will be right back after the following messages]