fight for dreams…

If you don’t fight for your own dreams, someone else is going to make you fight for their dreams.

(So remember to fight for your own dreams. Especially as no one else will.) 

(Even as you fight for others’ dreams, as well…)

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Tentang Mencintai Diri Sendiri, Sebelum Mencintai Orang Lain

a: “Sering banget nemu quote yg menganjurkan cintai diri sendiri sebelum belajar mencintai orang lain. Apa sih maksud nya? *beneran nanya bagaimana maksudnya”

b: “Misalnya lo ngejagain perasaan orang (supaya dia bahagia, krn lo sayang sama dia), padahal lo sendiri tertekan (krn ngejagain perasaan orang). Yang ada, habis itu ngomel2 di belakang (ini kan tanda lo ga sayang sama diri sendiri).”

a: “ah, this is make sense. :thumbs-up:”

b: “Logika paling gampang itu ada di prosedur keselamatan di pesawat terbang tentang masker oksigen. Lo mesti make masker untuk diri lo sendiri dulu, baru bantuin orang/anak kecil pake masker. Hehe.”

c: “mungkin filosofinya adalah at the end you can only control yourself. your happiness, your love etc. jika digantungkan ke orang lain, then how are you going to survive if those things do not go the way you want them to, or are taken away from you? hence, love yourself first, the universe will love you back, in many, ever changing form and sources.”

b: “hmm… melihat jawaban2 yg ada, gw berkesimpulan self love kurang lebih sama dengan mendengarkan apa yg kita rasa dan inginkan, seenggak nya untuk langkah pertama nya. Dan self care berbeda dgn selfish (banyak yg mungkin gak setuju dgn ini.. karena tetap dianggap mentingin diri sendiri). Dan ini semua proses yg masih harus terus dipelajari, karena umum nya kita tdk diajar untuk self love, mostly diajar menjadi martir or menjadi robot”

(dari sebuah status-update dan percakapan comments-section di Facebook)

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pacifism & passivity

There’s a difference between pacifism as a progressive ideology for strategically affecting positive change, and passivity as a repressed position of prostate surrender.

…And yes in spite of all that there is still that in which pacifism and passivity can both each be defined differently as well.


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a Meditation of Confidence

Confidence is practiced.
Reputation is built.
Honor is earned.
Strength is trained.
Intelligence is learned.
Wisdom is cultivated.
Fate is befallen upon.

Do not let others dictate upon you what you should deem important and good. Refuse to be fooled. Discover for yourself.

Do not suffer the insults of the unenlightened. They must not be heeded, and you must not let them so frivolously torment you.

You are the sole master of your own perceptions.



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december christmas blues

December. Christmas blues. Heheh.

A few days, or maybe weeks, ago; a Facebook post from a secularist acquaintance: “The best of religion is when you love your religion like a hobby, where you look forward to going to Church on Sunday and love singing the hymns etc.,…” (I’m paraphrasing here, of course.)

If one was being paranoid and ungenerous a theist might perceive the former as a jab, saying that you don’t really love going to Church therefore yadda-yadda-yadda….

…But y’know something, I do love going to church some times. I love the singing. Maybe I don’t dedicate enough of my free time and I’ve been flaking my extra-Sunday responsibilities and I’ve been disappointing my church buddies etc.,etc.,… but still…

It’s like, why is it a dichotomy? Why is it that when you’re a Humanist you can’t be a Theist because being both at the same time is to be a flake or a phony or some other even worse label?

But meh. Whatever. I owe no one an explanation. Jesus is my friend and I don’t need to explain myself to anyone; to any person. My friends doesn’t need an explanation, and my enemies won’t believe me anyway.


Because I don’t find my peace in atheism. I find my peace in communion with Christ.

Even when people label me un-Christian. Whether the person is theist or a-theist or anti-theist.

I find my peace with Christ.

“It’s called work and you should hate it” is such a big, big lie.

“It’s called work and you should hate it” is such a big, big lie.

It is very possible to love what you’re doing for a living right now; you just have to remember why you wanted to do this in the first place, and you need to stop comparing to other people.

…and if you want to aspire to something, aspire to a better version of your own self, don’t aspire to be someone else. And it is not wrong and not stupid to attach your identity to your work. Hell, loving your work will make you love doing it and love being better at it.

So yeah: anybody that tells you that you suck ass, they suck ass. You love your work. And you’ll get better at it.

Also stop constantly second-guessing yourself. Listen to input yes definitely, but only one person can have any hope of having the complete & holistic understanding of your situation, and that person is your own self.

Intensity doesn’t have to be the enemy. Timidness doesn’t always have to be your friend.

I am alive. And I am progressing.


hiding | knowledge

We have developed a particular skill, us Indonesian workers….

We have learned to intimately hide our incidental special knowledges.

We hide our special knowledge, in order that we not be given responsibility beyond that which we can controllably predict our 100% certain compliance & success. For example, some of us would pretend to be unable to grasp the “basic concepts” that would enable us to set-up our own email in our BlackBerry or Android smartphone, in order that Management would not have 24/7 access to us and give us standing orders to be executed on weekdays weekends. Because given that flexibility, Management WILL exploit that flexibility.

And thus we hide the flexibility, to concerve our very real and undeniably limited mental energy…

(I’m sure that if you’re reading this and have understood so far, that you’ll be able to easily imagine many, many other workplace & professional scenarios like this.)

On writing it down…

I don’t have to write down and record every single moment of my life.

Yes every moment is precious but sometimes the act of writing it down takes you away from the precious moment… creates distance; sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad.

It’s good when the moment weighs you down and the distance reveals perspective.