Staying late in the office doesn’t help you solve your problems.

Not when you can’t do what you’re supposed to do.

(…so like, how do I solve my problems?)


IFTTT problem…

Seems my got disconnected from my IFTTT account since August 2017; bummer…

What this causes is that, since many of my most spontaneous blogging happens at my Tumblr [at], a lot of posts which I thought I had cross-posted from my Tumblr to my WordPress got lost in the aether. Which is supremely annoying.

Anyways whatever. WordPress now connected again to IFTTT. More blog posts in this mind-dump to come. Yay.

My religious spirituality is my crutch, and I still choose to rely on my crutch thank you.And you do…

My religious spirituality is my crutch, and I still choose to rely on my crutch thank you.

And you do realize what happens when you kick the crutch that a person relies on, don’t you? A quick clue: the limp DOES NOT magically become fully healed when you kick down their crutch.

Just a game of analogies that maybe some of you might want to poke with.

Or not.


So forgive me when I say that I am of the opinion that most all militant antitheists that I have personally come across throughout my life…

…are assholes.

The amygdala handles both pain response, and emotional reaction to cognitively dissonant information.

Think about that.

The Oatmeal’s brilliant take on why shoving info into your dialectical opponent’s face is not always productive:

I’m feeling a bit bitey this evening. Forgive me that I don’t feel like conforming to the skeptical material logical scientific norm of the intellectual Internet community at this time.

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Managing expectations is a sore point for me. A lot of the pain comes from my inability to say no, my fear to disappoint.

The fear to disappoint becomes a self-defeating prophecy. Coupled with how easily it is to scare/intimidate me (”gertak”) into saying yes.

(I’ve given up trying to say no, more or less.)

Must I do better? Of course. Will I do better? I …don’t know.

I hope I can. I’m trying.

(though it kinda feels like I’m failing.)

(Originally composed as a twit storm. Skipping the storm for now.)

When you’ve truly found your passion, not even your closest family or spouse can possibly understand what it is. And as much as they want to support you, to understand, they never will and they will subconsciously fight you. Every step of the way.

It is not their fault. It is not your fault. This battle will be fought anyway.

A thought after watching “Steve Jobs” (2015) just now on cable. DISCLAIMER: the above is just a theory, a gut feeling. Not proven empirically yet.

Two Types of Women (…and Men)

Even after flying to different countries for women — if I find something that intrigues me, I’m very persistent — I realized that women can, when looking as generally as possible, be placed into two categories. The first, women who suck the drive for life — and everything else of any value — right out of you.

And, more importantly, the second, women who not only make you want a better life, but make you believe that a better life is actually possible.

Every single woman in the world falls into one of these two categories — no exceptions. However, a woman who falls into a certain category for one individual can fall into the other for someone else — our types are personal after all.

From The Good Men Project: “There is Only One Type of Woman Worth Chasing in This Life”