So how does one go about reducing one’s

So how does one go about reducing one’s socmed wasting–er, playing time..?
[Learning to give up trying to keep up with everything is one way I think…]
[…consider that no one can keep up with everything anyway…]


On sharing links….

You can post all the links in the World that you’d want to but would you learn from any of it? I don’t think so, unless you actually use your knowledge, gleaned from those writings, in your everyday life.

And that’s that…

Being drunk…

A "Grape Ape" cocktail, served by Beergarden SCBD Jakarta
A “Grape Ape” cocktail, served by Beergarden SCBD Jakarta

One would wonder what the definition of being drunk is…

I was definitely at least a bit tipsy last night, but I wasn’t splattered. Didn’t drink much, just one extra large glass of beer, a tiny glass of cocktail, and one last small bottle as a nightcap.

I had thought of wanting to be so stoned I wouldn’t remember the night. But… It just didn’t happen. Despite me not bringing my car and preparing for a cab ride home.

Oh well, maybe next time.

I want to experience being drunk. Just once at least. Not this time I guess… :))