I’d sure like to talk to you directly instead….


I’d talk to you directly about all the troubles I’m still feeling… but we already closed that door didn’t we? I’ll just have to make due.

Somehow talking to God doesn’t feel the same as talking to you about it. At least talking to the you from back then…

…Are you still there, the-you-from-back-then? The you who could draw out everything from deep within me, the one I can’t hide anything from?

…’Cuz I sure as hell do miss you.

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Initiative and Sensitivity

Call me childish, lazy, unmanly, whatever but I don’t believe in romantic relationships where only the male have the right (or responsibility) to take initiative (or only the female either).

I believe both sides have the right to take initiative. And also I believe both sides must be sensitive enough to respond.

“Like I care”

“Like I care…”

It does hurt kinda, when someone you hope would care, says that they don’t care…

It’s a signal, one might think, to either give up our try harder…

But to not care? I don’t know… I don’t think I can honestly totally not care one bit, I don’t know…

I don’t want to kill my heart. I’d die.

a response: “Don’t kill it; manage it!” :))

Right… :)

Some things are better said in person than through electronic means. Such as apologies.

So I apologize that I have not been able to apologize in person. And I apologize that it’s not very likely that you’ll even see this apology. ^^” Oh well….

I’ll meet you face to face. Soon enough….

I’m not currently in any (official, ‘formal’, monogamous) relationship; so of course obviously I’m not currently exclusive.

(Please don’t hold it against me…) (I’m keeping my options open…) (Though I should commit, ideally…?) (I dunno…)

on Love via God

“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”

This implies that the only “proper” and Godly way to reach each others’ hearts is through God; and that everything else is suspect….

It’s a concept, most certainly. Slanted towards Theism as it is…

Of course we could replace “God” and “Him” in the first sentence to Humanism, Pantheism, Critical Materialism, or any other -ism, deity, or supreme philosophy. Which makes me suspicious of the koan….

Need to think some more about this before I can swallow it whole-hearted.

It may even seem un-Biblical… to me… [by my own personal definition of ‘Biblical’, which as far as I can tell was given unto me by God Himself, I’m sure.]

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