Medium Series, not quite another SnapChat clone…

This Medium Series thing is intriguing, and was just launched a couple of days ago. At first blush it may seem like yet another Snapchat Stories clone (similar to Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Stories and Steller Stories etc., etc.) …but the difference is the Series doesn’t disappear after 24 hours… and continues…

It’s mobile-only though, just like SnapChat stories. You can’t make a Medium story from the Web app or from opening in your Web-browser… (at least not at first….)


// In-depth from WIRED:

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Engage by Twitter

I’d love to have the Engage app, and use it on my main Twitter account.

Not that I’m a “celebrity”, but that yes at times (if not often) reading the Twitter timeline leaves me feeling quite upset.

…But thing is I don’t have an iOS device, and I loathe to get just one more gadget or replace any of the ones I already use, just for the “pleasure” of “engaging” a version of Twitter that’s somewhat less “upsetting”.

I’ll wait till they release an Android version. (Or a Web-app version, maybe…)

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Path is a Red Facebook?

“It all started when they decided to increase the maximum amount of friends from 100 to 500. And I had a lot of difficulties because of Path account. And now, they are too little too late to fix their problems.”

“I think you’re right. This was the beginning of the end. Suddenly it became Facebook in Red.”

“And they started with 30 friends.”

Yeah Facebook in Red… Why do we have to have two separate facebook’ses? -_-”

Admittedly for me the original Blue Facebook is way more noisy because some people share a lot more there… but that doesn’t mean my Path outer circle isn’t any less louder. Path is noisy nowadays; high volume. Though yes, not as noisy as Facebook.

In the end though, FB and Path, they’re just two channels. Whether or not they’re each beneficial or detrimental to your personal growth is under your control. Sure you can live without either and even without both, but that doesn’t mean that it would be worse to live with them.

You just gotta have self-control…

Some Collected Ello Thoughts

Some collected Ello thoughts | I’ve been a bit active in Ello this past few months. I originally had no intention of publishing any original work there but over time I have. And now in an attempt to not lose anything there that’s worth not-losing, I’m mirroring some of them here on my mind-Dumpster.

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Your Space, Your Rules — a Rant on Freedom of Sharing

Don’t let those who smirk socmed is “only for narcissists” make you forget what you already knew from the very beginning: 

…that socmed is also for keeping in touch.

And how you keep in touch with yours is none of their business.
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differences of opinion

Differences of opinion aren’t dangerous. But perceiving them as insults, as attacks on character, this has so often lead to wars…

Not just verbal backs-and-forth. Not just minorly bruising fisticuffs. All-out wars. With bombs and shit.

So in my opinion one way we could prevent some wars is to start feeling a bit less insulted all the time. By differences of opinion. The little wars in our small circles for a start. Just for a start.

Not to stop having differing opinions. Not by holding them back, not by silencing our dissents. But by not taking them as insults all the time.

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The Irony of “Keeping it Real”

Originally drafted as a Thought for Path

The irony of “keeping it real”; when you share your worries and troubles you’re chastised as being doom & gloom; but when you post motivational words to lift your own spirits up you’re accused of being an image manager or you’re trying to judge others for not being optimistic etc.

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