There is no need to rescue FB from Mark.

TechCrunch asks: “Is it time to remove Zuckerberg from (his) office?”

(in the context of saving Facebook shareholder value)

I say: naah, let Facebook go bankrupt. It’s time to remove ourselves from their products & services. There are alternatives for each & every one of his services, many of them open and decentralized too. We must all move. Death to psychosocial manipulation and adtech.

Facebook cannot abandon its business model without going bankrupt. Let it go bankrupt.



Sensitivity, creation, owning what one makes

One must remember that these Software Products, no matter if they’re Open Source or proprietary or freeware or public domain or whatever, these software are the proud babies of some programmers. Take gentle care how you opine about them. And/or at least be aware of the possibility of defensive reactions.

Be proportional.


It’s like how I myself would sometimes get bummed out when an Internet acquaintance misinterprets or misunderstands one of my digital doodles.

I mean by the term doodle they’re supposed to be casual and not ideological (much less fundamentally unmovable or anything more extreme) but yea I do sympathize and I know how bad it can feel to be misunderstood.


We tend to hate being misunderstood.

But it is too common a human occurrence, for one human being to misunderstand another.

Be adaptable. Be like a bamboo and sway with the thunderous winds. Don’t be an oak and crack under unpredictable heavy winds.

Be at peace.


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side-sniping a side-snipe

Back in February 2018 (four months ago), the Verge writes:

…in recent years, we’ve seen SecretElloPeachMeerkat, and Mastodon come and go.

Uh, no. Secret, Peach, and Meerkat have shuttered yes, but Ello and Mastodon are still around.

And growing their DAU (daily average usage) in fact, although not at the “orders of magnitude” rate that frankly scrupulous Silicon Valley investors tend to demand nowadays.

And Ello already has over USD 3 million in cash. While Mastodon is AGPL Free Software with multiple forks and is totally uninterested in VC money.

taxing social media

The dictator of Uganda wants to tax citizens for using “social media”.


A few days ago it got me thinking that it would be technically difficult, if not impossible, for the government of Uganda to accurately track individual users and their usage of social media to arrive at an accurate number.

A riposte by other anonymous commentators goes that technologies in recent times show that it is possible if not already applied.

To which I replied:

Including blocking federated socmed services based on Mastodon/Diaspora/GNUsocial/ActivityPub routed through encrypted DNS servers & onion routers?

I mean yea sure blocking FB/twt/G+ & other centralized socmeds would be easy, even tracking usage through blockchain etc.,etc.

Tracking & charging centralized socmed, is different from tracking & charging *all* socmed.

“Life always finds a way”, to borrow from Jurassic World…

I’m not paying cash for Twitter.

Do *you* want to pay cash for Twitter?

How many Ugandans would pay cash for Twitter..?

…And then, just under 24 hours later, public protests seem to have forced even the Ugandan dictator to reconsider his tax.


Now mind you governments do tax Google, Facebook, Twitter. The governments tax the corporations and the corporations happily pay a percentage (through differing mechanisms depending on country/jurisdiction) because the corporations still manage to profit despite the taxation. Obviously, because if they can’t profit (at least profit long-term, and in some manner or some way) then obviously the businesses involved would eventually collapse.

Taxing citizens/users directly for time spent on socmed might discourage socmed abuse, such as how tax on tobacco, alcohol, gambling is supposed to discourage abuse, but the difference here is that citizens/users in the case of socmed don’t feel the sting of tax because the ones being taxed are the corporations, not the users. The “nanny-state” tax on socmed doesn’t work because it isn’t the babies that are getting taxed, it’s the “candy sellers” aka. the corporations. No one is taking candies from the babies.

The Internet is the cheapest, most cost-effective telecommunications infrastructure that Humanity has ever developed in history. And on the flip-side of that benefit, the escapism afforded by the Internet has detrimental side-effects that cannot be easily dismissed either. A first instinct reaction for many, including myself to be honest, is to react “censorship internet blockade bad”. Taxing users seem like a novel idea that might just work but personally I am biased against it. On the other hand though…

Whatever. The evil dictator must be deposed yadda yadda.


I personally would like to give more thought on this before I publish this but naah. I’m out of energy. </hits publish>

[link] “This isn’t Google and you’re not Sergey Brin.” “This isn’t Google and you’re not Sergey Brin.”

The life of a startup founder is not for everyone. Prospective founders should understand the realities of startup life and do a gut check before jumping in.

Good startup business advice in this article.

feels so ‘heavy’ to post on deviantART

Preparing artwork for deviantART feels so much ‘heavier’ and more involved, than simply posting to Pinterest or Instagram or something like that….

It’s like, you don’t post a doodle in deviantART… except in the WIP section or something. And even if you post something on dA you gotta prepare a text description about the motivations & ‘intellectual’ background of your Art…

Unless your art is textual/poetry and then you have to prepare… something else…

And dA is more… suited to static 2D art; even 3D arts are posted here as static renders. And nevermind movies or animated features. And what of music? Music is art too, no?

Should dA even be attempting this? To be a repository of all digital art? Not just static 2D digital art?

I mean even photographs of hand-crafted oil paintings do not necessarily translate well to the desktop/tablet/smartphone Web browser screen…. And music previews, etc.,…

Reposted from my deviantART Journal.