Engage by Twitter

I’d love to have the Engage app, and use it on my main Twitter account.

Not that I’m a “celebrity”, but that yes at times (if not often) reading the Twitter timeline leaves me feeling quite upset.

…But thing is I don’t have an iOS device, and I loathe to get just one more gadget or replace any of the ones I already use, just for the “pleasure” of “engaging” a version of Twitter that’s somewhat less “upsetting”.

I’ll wait till they release an Android version. (Or a Web-app version, maybe…)

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The US National Spelling Bee burns a troll

This burn conducted by the US National Spelling Bee twitter account team (upon one arguably cruel & vindictive random commentator) should be recorded for posterity.

Source: https://twitter.com/theshrillest/status/736017442833453056


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