“What would your most courageous self say…”


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“Obey This Film” — a Shepard Fairey documentary by Brett Novak

Brett Novak:

I was commissioned by the Halsey Institute out of Charleston, South Carolina to shoot a short film on the infamous street artist behind OBEY: Shepard Fairey. I definitely knew Shepard’s work, whether it be that repetitive face of Andre the Giant popping up at every street corner I’ve ever been on, or as the Obama Poster that definitely did more for an election than just add aesthetic to it – but I was not aware at how incredibly inspiring Shepard would turn out to be. For a new understanding of how this skateboarder turned mega famed street star turned out to be, check this film out.

Further watching: “Shepard Fairey on Banksy”

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A teaching moment:


as TrumpBannonConwaySpiceretc try their schemes, it is time to teach them the limits of their power.

They must learn that the price of their actions is the ungovernability of the nation. Orders must be subverted. Implementation must be prevented. Congress needs to learn that if they support the Trumperians, they will be wiped out politically.

There are A LOT more of us than there are of them. Their coup only works if we abet it.

I sympathize with this assessment. And cautiously, albeit publicly, support it.

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I Got This.” cartoon by Sousa & Machado | www.sousamachadoarts.com 

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“Lying Press” — cartoon by Pat Bagley

Cartoon by Pat Bagley, carried by Cagle Cartoons [www.caglecartoons.com].

(Higher resolution image file found at various online newspapers, for example at the Salt Lake Tribune.)

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