Medium Series, not quite another SnapChat clone…

This Medium Series thing is intriguing, and was just launched a couple of days ago. At first blush it may seem like yet another Snapchat Stories clone (similar to Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Stories and Steller Stories etc., etc.) …but the difference is the Series doesn’t disappear after 24 hours… and continues…

It’s mobile-only though, just like SnapChat stories. You can’t make a Medium story from the Web app or from opening in your Web-browser… (at least not at first….)


// In-depth from WIRED:

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[Link:] Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense

A movie whose story script was entirely written by an algorithic neural-net artificial intelligence… who named himself Benjamin.

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Figuring out what Mom wants of me (?)

Mom… wants to see the best of me. But she doesn’t have a firm grip on what the ‘best of me’ consists of. She has a rough idea in that I should be ‘God’s Child’ and be obedient to ‘His Law’, but she also wants me to be at the same time ‘have fun’ and be ‘whatever I want to be’.

There is a tension there…

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